Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia Labor Lawyers

In the past, most employers gave little thought to labor relations or union issues, because labor unions were interested in organizing only larger employers. As union ranks have dwindled, labor unions have grown more aggressive, unionizing even small employers, and organized labor has exercised substantial political influence to make its job easier. Elliott Lawson & Minor has helped business and industry remain union-free for almost 40 years. We have the experience necessary to help your business.

Bristol Experienced Union and NLRB Attorneys

With each administration, the labor/management pendulum shifts. We stay on top of such developments in order to better represent our clients. Our firm can help prepare a management team to face the challenge of the union organizer and an aggressive NLRB. Our firm will:

  • Train management so that each supervisor knows what he or she “can and cannot do”
  • Review and modify company policies that could lead to unfair labor practice charges
  • Research union information and prepare employer communication materials
  • Represent the employer before the NLRB
  • Engage in collective bargaining if the employer is required to bargain

Unfair labor practice charge cases: General Counsel of the NLRB is determined to promote labor’s agenda. First, GC is filing more injunction actions against employers, based frequently upon frivolous union unfair labor practice charges. GC is also redefining “protected concerted activities” more broadly than ever before. The unwary employer may fall prey to charges of unlawful retaliation when an employee is disciplined for disparaging Facebook postings or for other employer-critical use of social media. Our firm will:

  • Thoroughly investigate alleged unfair labor practices
  • Prepare and file employer position statements
  • Determine whether settlement of any charge is in order
  • Litigate unfair labor practices charges that should not be settled