Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee Immigration Lawyers

The federal laws and regulations governing immigration are confusing. The stakes are high. It is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced immigration lawyer to guide you through the process.

At Elliott Lawson & Minor P.C., our Bristol immigration attorneys have extensive experience providing legal advice and representation to clients who wish to live, work, invest or study in the United States. We are dedicated to helping our clients seek a better life by successfully navigating the immigration process, the first time around.

Immigration is an extremely specialized area of the law. Our immigration attorneys can help you avoid extra costs and the potential frustration that many individuals encounter when attempting to navigate the process on their own. Our immigration attorneys are routinely recommended to their clients by other attorneys.

Immigration Attorneys

We typically help clients in one of four immigration areas.

  • Family-based petitions: We help individuals obtain fiance/fiancee visas, marriage-based green cards and work authorizations.
  • Employment-based visas: We help businesses and nonprofit organizations obtain visas or work authorizations for foreign employees, utilizing such opportunities as H-1B visas or TN status.
  • Naturalization and citizenship: At our firm, we help clients who wish to attain citizenship through the naturalization process. If you hold a green card, you can apply for citizenship if you meet certain eligibility requirements. Our firm can answer your questions and guide you through the entire process.
  • Employer compliance: Our firm provides legal advice to employers who wish to ensure that they are following all of the government’s strict regulations regarding documentation of worker eligibility. We visit businesses and conduct an audit to ensure full compliance with immigration laws, and provide advice regarding record-keeping and maintenance.

The documentation required for the immigration process is complex and should be handled by an experienced professional. We will ensure that all documentation is filled out correctly and submitted on time. Trust us to guide you through these complicated matters.